Terms and Conditions

Site Usage Rules
Justinbet is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the use of the site or its content due to reasons such as failure to access the site, inability to use the site, delay in data transmission, interruption of communication lines, any related errors, printing errors or lack of site content.
This rule applies to anyone who uses or abuses the site and its content. 
Downloading videos and photos from the site or from other sites linked to the site is only possible with special permission. The publication, transmission or reproduction of this data for any reason is strictly prohibited.
Justinbet actively monitors the traffic on its website and reserves the right to block suspicious automatic bets.
Justinbet reserves the right to deny any type service membership related to bet and bonus abuse, arbitrage and/or freeze: your account when multiple accounts are detected, all the winnings in your account, the amount already present in the account and bonus balance and the amount you have deposited.
Justinbet serves for recreational players only, Justinbet reserves the right to cancel/deduct the winnings, deduct the payment costs and return the original deposit to a player who is identified as a professional player.  
In order to sign into Justinbet dot com, members must fill in the registration form in a correct and complete manner. 
Only members (or members of the country in which the member has opened an account and who is a player) over the age of 18 can register and place bets on the site. Members are obliged to comply with the laws on betting on the internet and/or to inform the competent authorities in their respective countries. The Company reserves the right to request all the documents required to determine the age of the members and to close the accounts of the members until the requested documents reach the Company.
All information provided during registration must be complete and accurate. Especially in the case of credit or debit cards, the names and surnames of the card-holders must be the same as the names in the registration form; otherwise the account will be closed. Justinbet reserves the right to close the accounts of members who give incorrect information and to confiscate their earnings. Upon the request of the Company, the members are required to identify their official identity with a photographic document (passport / identity card - ID) and to verify the validity of the address and telephone information that they provide during registration.
Each member can open only one account. Registered members cannot re-register with a new name or a new e-mail address. In case of failure to comply with this rule, the Company has the right to cancel all bets made by this member.
Members have no right to allow third parties in their game (site) accounts.
You should not send your credit card account details or other sensitive financial information to Us via unencrypted e-mail.
Justinbet allows its members to select the user name and password they want. Members are obliged to keep such information strictly confidential. If your username and password are entered correctly when you login to the site, all bets are deemed valid and cannot be changed or cancelled by the member. If you suspect that another person has acquired your password, you must change your password immediately. If you forget all or some of your password, please request a new password via Live Help channel.
Justinbet is not responsible for the loss of any data on mobile devices of members using Justinbet from their mobile devices and from the commissions of internet and mobile operators. Members agree to the Terms and Conditions upon registration.
Data View
Justinbet is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness and timing of the services it offers such as live events and e-mail system.
Justinbet makes every effort to ensure that live events (such as results, game hours and team/player statistics) are correct. However, this data is for informational purposes only. Justinbet is not responsible for any errors in this data.
Justinbet is not responsible for the accuracy of translations of player and team names from foreign languages and does not accept any claims made in these regards.
If there is more than one participant in a given event/match with the same surname, and the athlete's full name or other identifying features are not specified while making the bet, all bets will be refunded.
If one or more participants are given in the wrong order for the event/match or position (except for translation errors), if a team/participant in the wrong tournament is given the other team, all bets will be void and returned. Only Justinbet has the right to determine events in this category.
All bets will be refunded if the age group (18 years/21 years /youth teams, etc.), gender (male/female) or team status (substitute) is written in the field of the other team. In other cases, bets remain valid, such as missing names or possible grammatical errors. If the gender of the teams is not specified, the gender is considered male. In the matches of the women's teams, the gender details must be specified, otherwise the bets will be refunded.
The date and time specified on the site indicate the time when the bet on the event was accepted (except for live events) and this date and time do not have to match the start date and time of the event. When calculating bets, just as in Justinbet data, the start time in the official records of the organizing event is considered to be the actual time of the event.
If the venue in which the event is organized is not listed in the event list, the venue for the event organizing event is considered valid (except for American sports events). All information under the title of a specific type of sport is an additional information. Possible errors in this information cannot cause bets to be returned.
There might be a delay in accepting bets on live events. This is a measure taken by Justinbet for extra betting and security.
When betting on Live Events where the odds change so often, there is an option between "I accept all changes in the rates", "I only accept rising rates" or "I don't accept changes in the rates".
There is no reason to cancel the bets placed on that event if the date of the actual encounter is incorrect.
Technical and Other Significant Errors
The Company is not responsible for any spelling, transfer or calculation errors during bets. In particular, Justinbet reserves the right to correct any errors that occur when entering betting rates and/or when calculating bets (eg. errors in the odds given to teams, misrepresentation of events, etc.), or to void the bets, even if the event is over. In case of any obvious errors, the related bets will be refunded. Examples of most common errors:
Faults at the entrance of the rates - when the odds are written without a separator (dot) or by adding more digits. Example : if 1.8 is written instead of 18 or 23 instead of 2 or 3 instead of 30 etc.
"Mirror Errors" - situations in which the odds given to players are completely reversed. In this case, the favourite of the game (including the current favourite of the live event) is indicated by a rate that exceeds the ratio of the player outside the specified event.
Example : Barcelona - Unicaja basketball game. The team that won the match.
1.2 and 4 instead of writing 4 and 1.2.
Spelling errors - situations where all ratios are written correctly but the teams are written in the wrong order (usually in neutral activities).
Example : Unicaja - Barcelona basketball game. The team that won the match. Barcelona and Unicaja basketball instead of 1,2 and 4. The team that won the match. 1.2 and 4 as written.
Clear signs of obvious errors: the huge differences between Justinbet and other betting experts, giving the most improbable odds for that match
In all cases, Justinbet reserves the right to decide whether the error is technical or not.
Justinbet reserves the right to cancel bets that are intentionally made with incorrect odds and obvious errors. The site member is informed about the change in the balance accordingly.
Justinbet reserves the right to cancel bets earned due to a technical or apparent error, even if the event is over.
For technical reasons, a bet is void if the bet is not made from the balance in the member's account.
Justinbet reserves the right to cancel a bet, even if made before the error, if the member's account is down due to any errors.
The Company has the right to make members accountable for damages if they intentionally make a technical or administrative mistake when making a deposit and/or withdrawing funds from their accounts.
Betting Credits
Justinbet does not give credit to members to bet and does not allow them to bet on credits. All bets are made from the current balance in the members' accounts.
Betting Group Members to Bet
Members can only bet on their name. Bets will be void if one and more members are found to have bets containing the same estimates. If such bets have been concluded and/or if the company finds that members have applied or acted in fraud, or if the bets have been made by one or more members within a short period of time, the bets will be void by the Company.